When one suffers from a brain disease, doctors prescribe various drugs and dietary supplements that can improve his or her memory, learning and thinking. This kind of drugs can also improve intelligence of people that have a healthy brain.

Smart drugs, commonly known as nootropics, improve overall health and body performance. By boosting our energy, nootropics affect our mood the same way our mood affects mental performance.


As a supplement for brain, neuroflexyn enhances mental abilities such as thinking, memory, intelligence and other. Brain cells function slower as they age and this supplement protects them from damage. In addition, neuroflexyn acts as a booster for the nerve growth.

This smart supplement’s ingredients reduce the aging of neurons, stimulate brain functions, rise levels of memory and boost cognition.


The supplement named Geniux consists of natural ingredients that enhance our mental functions such as cognition. The same as Neuroflexyn, Geniux improves memory, learning and mental energy. It improves concentration and focus by boosting your brain’s power.

Geniux cannot make you a genius, but it will improve communication between nerves and neurons.


Although people commonly use this supplement to grow muscles, testosterone affects memory, attention, and visuo-spatial ability such as understanding, reasoning, and other cognitive functions. Some researchers suggest that the use of  best testosterone boosters may even lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

This hormone is used in various therapies such as a cancer treatment, anti-aging therapy etc. It protects neurons from dying and strengthens connections between them.


Also known as vitamin B3, niacin is an ingredient that can be found in many products that enhance both body and brain energy. All eight vitamins that are a part of vitamin B complex, improve mental functions, and the lack of B3 can decrease blood and oxygen flow to your brain. Higher B3 level can increase brain energy and improve your brain’s detoxification (in other words, your brain’s waste removal).

Alpha Lipoic Acid

One of the benefits of this nootropic is the effect it has on neurons. It both reduces severity of damaged neurons and prevents damage by restoring brain cells.

Alpha Lipoic Acid is a strong anti-oxidant that improves communication between neurons, repairs them, helps in memory formation and has anti-aging benefits.

All of the mentioned nootropics also affect one’s mood and energy, because mood has a crucial effect on a person’s mental functions. Since their effects are neuro-protective, they promote health of brain system, provide nutrients and improve mental clarity.


Many cognitive-enhancers can help us think. Various pills, powders and food supplements can boost our brain functions and stimulate cognitive processes.

Although it is easy to include a food add-on in a meal to boost our brain energy, there are times when we should first listen to our body and try to understand how each organ functions.

Hormones can affect intelligence; they are produced in our glands and they regulate our behavior and physiology. Here is how some hormones affect our intelligence.

Thyroid Hormone

Produced by thyroid gland, this hormone regulates our metabolism. One of this hormone’s functions is to regulate neural development.

Recent study shows that there is a connection between thyroid hormone and intelligence. If production of the hormone is sufficient, it will preserve our mind, our motor and cognitive abilities.

On the other hand, the loss of cognitive function can be linked to the decreased thyroid functions. Organism of a person that suffers from hypothyroidism (lack of thyroid hormone) works slower. Since hormonal imbalance affects one’s cognitive and learning abilities and intelligence, there are drugs and food supplements that treat it.


According to some scientists, testosterone can be associated to intelligence. Some even state that an increased level of this hormone increases IQ – as a side effect. In addition, scientists say that this hormone is linked to the people that are gifted for science and math.

Actually, testosterone increases synaptic connections between neurons. Neuroscientists believe that the connections between neural cells usually determine the mental capacity level of one’s brain and intelligence. The more neural connections a person’s brain has, the more intelligent a person is. If one suffers from a lack of this hormone, many various pills and food supplements contain ingredients that boost the level of it.


Klotho is a hormone that, as scientists say, may provide treatment for the lowered cognitive functions. Level of cognitive functions drops as we age and this hormone is associated to aging; increased levels of it may prolong lifespan.

Klotho improves synaptic connections and makes them stronger, so when aging brain shows lower levels of cognitive functions, this hormone may help and stabilize them by strengthening the neural connections.

Keep in mind that you have to maintain your overall health, because organs within your body communicate with each other. Our health depends on this communication. For instance, thyroid hormone has to first develop neurons and testosterone will increase neural connections. Optimize the functions of each part of your body by listening to its needs.


Many people consume dietary supplements either daily or periodically. It is scientifically proven that some supplements improve overall health, including brain functions.

When it comes to choosing which supplement to include in daily meals, today’s market offers you a wide variety of products; they come in capsules, powders, and other forms and include different ingredients.

Acids, vitamins and other food add-on boost your body functions and your cognitive functions as well. Some of the most common types of dietary supplements are listed below:

·       Energy Bars

Food affects not only our physical energy, but also cognition. When you are tired, your entire body is slower and your cognitive processes are in delay.

Energy bars consist of proteins, vitamins and minerals, so they are considered to be a brain food; they boost both physical and mental functions. If you are busy and have no time for a meal, a bar filled with nutritive ingredients will come in handy.

·       Herbs

Natural food add-ons boost brain performance. They improve memory, cognitive power, the ability to focus and other. Many cognition-enhancing supplements consist of herbal ingredients such as ginkgo biloba, testosterone and other hormone boosters, rhodiola rosea (great for reducing fatigue) and many other supplements.

If you enjoy eating unprocessed food, include garlic in your meals – scientists recommend it. Garlic has many benefits: it protects from brain cancer, improves the ability to memorize, prevents and treats Alzheimer’s disease.

·       Minerals and Vitamins

Some minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc and iron are especially nutritious for your brain. When a brain does not have enough energy, its functions are minimized. Energy boost is all it needs to be able to function normally.

When it comes to vitamins, vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits, tomatoes and other food and besides benefiting your brain performance, it is important for your overall health. In addition, B vitamins improve cognitive functions and some research studies show that vitamin B will both save and improve one’s memory.

Your meals should consist of a variety of healthy and unprocessed food since that is the best way to maintain healthy body and cognitive functions.

Still, dietary supplements are helpful, for example, in cases of an insufficient level of vitamins or minerals in body. A doctor can prescribe pills that consist of nutrients so your body can get adequate nourishment. There is no recommended daily level of intake since our bodies function differently, so taking them on your own can harm your body.