Many cognitive-enhancers can help us think. Various pills, powders and food supplements can boost our brain functions and stimulate cognitive processes.

Although it is easy to include a food add-on in a meal to boost our brain energy, there are times when we should first listen to our body and try to understand how each organ functions.

Hormones can affect intelligence; they are produced in our glands and they regulate our behavior and physiology. Here is how some hormones affect our intelligence.

Thyroid Hormone

Produced by thyroid gland, this hormone regulates our metabolism. One of this hormone’s functions is to regulate neural development.

Recent study shows that there is a connection between thyroid hormone and intelligence. If production of the hormone is sufficient, it will preserve our mind, our motor and cognitive abilities.

On the other hand, the loss of cognitive function can be linked to the decreased thyroid functions. Organism of a person that suffers from hypothyroidism (lack of thyroid hormone) works slower. Since hormonal imbalance affects one’s cognitive and learning abilities and intelligence, there are drugs and food supplements that treat it.


According to some scientists, testosterone can be associated to intelligence. Some even state that an increased level of this hormone increases IQ – as a side effect. In addition, scientists say that this hormone is linked to the people that are gifted for science and math.

Actually, testosterone increases synaptic connections between neurons. Neuroscientists believe that the connections between neural cells usually determine the mental capacity level of one’s brain and intelligence. The more neural connections a person’s brain has, the more intelligent a person is. If one suffers from a lack of this hormone, many various pills and food supplements contain ingredients that boost the level of it.


Klotho is a hormone that, as scientists say, may provide treatment for the lowered cognitive functions. Level of cognitive functions drops as we age and this hormone is associated to aging; increased levels of it may prolong lifespan.

Klotho improves synaptic connections and makes them stronger, so when aging brain shows lower levels of cognitive functions, this hormone may help and stabilize them by strengthening the neural connections.

Keep in mind that you have to maintain your overall health, because organs within your body communicate with each other. Our health depends on this communication. For instance, thyroid hormone has to first develop neurons and testosterone will increase neural connections. Optimize the functions of each part of your body by listening to its needs.

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