Many people consume dietary supplements either daily or periodically. It is scientifically proven that some supplements improve overall health, including brain functions.

When it comes to choosing which supplement to include in daily meals, today’s market offers you a wide variety of products; they come in capsules, powders, and other forms and include different ingredients.

Acids, vitamins and other food add-on boost your body functions and your cognitive functions as well. Some of the most common types of dietary supplements are listed below:

·       Energy Bars

Food affects not only our physical energy, but also cognition. When you are tired, your entire body is slower and your cognitive processes are in delay.

Energy bars consist of proteins, vitamins and minerals, so they are considered to be a brain food; they boost both physical and mental functions. If you are busy and have no time for a meal, a bar filled with nutritive ingredients will come in handy.

·       Herbs

Natural food add-ons boost brain performance. They improve memory, cognitive power, the ability to focus and other. Many cognition-enhancing supplements consist of herbal ingredients such as ginkgo biloba, testosterone and other hormone boosters, rhodiola rosea (great for reducing fatigue) and many other supplements.

If you enjoy eating unprocessed food, include garlic in your meals – scientists recommend it. Garlic has many benefits: it protects from brain cancer, improves the ability to memorize, prevents and treats Alzheimer’s disease.

·       Minerals and Vitamins

Some minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc and iron are especially nutritious for your brain. When a brain does not have enough energy, its functions are minimized. Energy boost is all it needs to be able to function normally.

When it comes to vitamins, vitamin C can be found in citrus fruits, tomatoes and other food and besides benefiting your brain performance, it is important for your overall health. In addition, B vitamins improve cognitive functions and some research studies show that vitamin B will both save and improve one’s memory.

Your meals should consist of a variety of healthy and unprocessed food since that is the best way to maintain healthy body and cognitive functions.

Still, dietary supplements are helpful, for example, in cases of an insufficient level of vitamins or minerals in body. A doctor can prescribe pills that consist of nutrients so your body can get adequate nourishment. There is no recommended daily level of intake since our bodies function differently, so taking them on your own can harm your body.

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